Quake Champions Aims to Reclaim the Series’ Competitive Crown


Quake Champions Aims to Reclaim the Series’ Competitive Crown

Quake Champions is built to appeal to esports fans, but id Software’s longtime creative director Tim Willits thinks you’ll like it even if you’re not one.

AGENT vs pasita [ДВЕ КАРТЫ] (Quake Champions) {29.07.22}

Агент против стоуна

00:00 – Corrupted Keep
04:42 – Awoken

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Grand Finals – k1llsen vs RAISY

Follow the stories of the top 20 players in the world every week as they fight to show their world dominance! #QuakeProLeague

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Death of a Game: Quake Champions

The re-death of a game?

Edit: I realize Fatal1ty didn’t play Quake Live as much.

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